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English for Special Purposes Courses

Why an ESP course?

Take an English for Special Purposes (ESP)
course to study for a specific objective, such as
preparing for a university interview, or to focus
intensively on one or two language skills, for
example academic writing and reading skills.
Our ESP courses are always one-to-one courses
because each course programme is designed to
individual requirements.

ESP Intensive 1-to-1 Courses
  • Intensive: 15 hours or more per week
  • Individual: One-to-one courses
  • Schedule: Flexible times and start dates
ESP Flexible 1-to-1 Courses
  • Flexible: From 1-5 lessons per week
  • Individual: One-to-one courses
  • Schedule: Flexible times and start dates

Intensive or Flexi?

Choose an ESP Intensive 1-to-1 course to get the fastest results as quickly as possible. You can take 10, 15 or a maximum 20 lessons per week.
Choose an ESP Flexi 1-to-1 course for regular lessons over a longer period. You can take from 1 to a maximum 5 lessons per week. A course director can advise you on how many lessons you may need to achieve your objective.

How can we help you?

Selected ESP courses are shown below. In planning each course we take into account your individual objectives, programme timescale, and level of English, and we always discuss the programme with you before you book a course to make sure it's the right course for you.
Can't see the programme you're looking for?
Not sure if you need an ESP course or a General English course? Need more help deciding?
Get in touch and we'll do our best to help you.

  • University interviews
  • University entrance examinations
  • Preparing application forms
  • Writing personal statements
  • Essay writing skills
  • Creative writing
  • Academic coursework
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Seminar presentations
  • Taking lecture notes
  • Developing reading skills
  • Intensive grammar courses
  • Pronunciation / Voice training
  • English for acting and the stage
  • English for formal public speaking
  • 'Survival English' courses for tasks such as: finding accommodation, buying a mobile phone, opening a bank account
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