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General English Flexi 1-to-1 Course

General English Flexi 1-to-1 Course: Profile

Our General English Flexi 1-to-1 course is a flexible course with between 1 to 5 one-to-one lessons per week.
You can choose your lesson days and times and change your schedule week by week (conditions apply*).
The General English Flexi 1-to-1 course is focused on everyday conversational English, helping you
speak English confidently and fluently, with more accurate grammar and stronger active vocabulary, and
using our exclusive materials. It's a one-to-one course so you'll always get the very highest personal attention,
correction, feedback and advice.
  • One-to-one lessons: Maximum personal attention
  • Flexible course plans: Choose between 10 - 40 lessons per course. 1 lesson is 80 minutes.
  • Flexible lessons per week: Choose between 1 - 5 lessons per week: morning, afternoon or evening
  • Flexible days: Choose which days you want to study, including Saturdays at no extra cost

General English Flexi 1-to-1 Course: Programme

  • Speaking: Maximum speaking and discussion time directly with your teacher
  • Vocabulary: Practical language study for everyday real-life topics and situations
  • Grammar: Clear, systematic explanations, your grammar questions resolved
  • Pronunciation: Personal advice on accent reduction throughout each lesson
  • Listening: Enjoy our exclusive CDs with natural everyday English dialogues
  • Training: Your mistakes corrected and explained, continuous feedback given
  • Materials: Based on coursebooks and CDs exclusive to One to One English
One-to-one course Flexible 1-to-1 programmes
Course days Choose your course days Monday – Saturday
Lessons per week Take 1 to 5 lessons per week - each lesson is 80 minutes
Lessons per course Choose course plans with 10 / 20 / 40 lessons
Course timetable 09:20-10:40 / 11:00-12:20 / 13:20-14:40 / 15:00-16:20 / 17:00-18:20 / 18:40-20:00
Levels All levels
General English Flexi 1-to-1 Course
Course planTotal course hoursPer coursePer 80-minute lesson
10 lessons13.33 hours70070
20 lessons26.67 hours130065
40 lessons53.33 hours240060
Course fees do not include course books, usually £14.95 per 10 lessons. There is a £60 registration fee. For information on course plans not shown please contact the school.
* See Terms and Conditions for cancellation and rescheduling terms.
Skype icon You can also take a General English course online from anywhere in the world. Click here to find out more.

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Special offer for first-time students - Start before 31 August - Apply Now
What's special about this course?
  • General English for everyday conversation
  • Freedom to change dates and times
  • Choose start and finish dates
  • Take from 1 to 5 lessons per week
  • One-to-one: maximum personal care
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