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OET Examination Flexi 1-to-1 Course

OET Flexi 1-to-1 Course: Profile

With our OET Flexi 1-to-1 course you take 1 to 5 one-to-one lessons per week. Each lesson is 80 minutes.
You can choose your lesson days and times and change your schedule week by week (conditions apply*).
Your course programme is focused on exactly what you need: you can cover all four sub-tests of the OET examination, or you can focus on one or two skills such as writing and speaking. It's a one-to-one course so you'll always get the highest personal attention. For more information on the OET examination, click here.
  • One-to-one lessons: Maximum personal attention and flexible programme - study what you need
  • Flexible course plans: Take 10, 20 or 40 lessons per course. 1 lesson is 80 minutes.
  • Flexible lessons per week: Choose between 1 to 5 lessons per week: morning, afternoon or evening
  • Flexible days: Choose which days you want to study, including Saturdays at no extra cost
  • Personal programme: Focus on all four OET sub-tests, or choose from Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading
  • Combined class/home study: OET Flexi 1-to-1 courses require home-study preparation, practice and review

OET Flexi 1-to-1 Course: Plans

Which Course Plan? We will recommend the best Course Plan for you based on your level of English, your previous OET studies and your target OET result.
  • OET FLEXI 10 "Essentials": 10-lesson course focusing on essential OET skills and exam preparation
  • OET FLEXI 20 "Standard": 20-lesson preparation course – the best option for most OET students
  • OET FLEXI 40 "Maximiser": 40-lesson complete preparation course with intensive practice in key areas
One-to-one course Flexible 1-to-1 programmes
Course days Choose your course days Monday – Saturday
Lessons per week Take 1 to 5 lessons per week - each lesson is 80 minutes
Lessons per course Choose course plans of 10 / 20 / 40 lessons
Course timetable 09:20-10:40 / 11:00-12:20 / 13:20-14:40 / 15:00-16:20 / 17:00-18:20 / 18:40-20:00
Levels Intermediate to Advanced (B1-C2)
Minimum age 18
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OET Flexi 1-to-1 Course
Course planTotal course hoursPer coursePer 80-minute lesson
10 lessons13.33 hours79079
20 lessons26.67 hours148074
40 lessons53.33 hours276069
Optional course books cost about £25 per 10 lessons, if required. Registration fee £65. For information on course plans not shown please contact the school. Optional OET exam entry fee approximately £335 not included. Please note that you must apply for the OET examination privately, the School cannot process enrolment on your behalf.
* See Terms and Conditions for cancellation and rescheduling terms.
Skype icon You can also take a course online from anywhere in the world. Click here to find out more.
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What's special about this course?
  • OET examination one-to-one course
  • Freedom to change dates and times
  • Choose start and finish dates
  • Take 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lessons per week
  • Morning, afternoon or evening courses
  • One-to-one: very highest personal care
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