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What is it that makes One to One English so special? Why do our students so often recommend this school over others? What is the difference? Here, some of our international students share their experiences of being part of One to One English.

AMBASSADOR Some students are also Ambassadors: this means you can write to them in your own language to find out more. Interested? Just click on their link!

Raquel Spain
I can say that a 1-to-1 English course is a great choice to make significant progress. The course materials were appropriate and the teaching quality was excellent. My teacher helped me a lot in every part in order to pass the exam. I really enjoyed it and I was able to ask everything that I needed. The location in particular was perfect for me because I'm working nearby!
Ludovico Italy
My teachers conducted themselves with a professional, serious approach while still being polite and friendly, which helped me to settle in quickly. During the month I noticed a significant improvement in my English, in the grammar and especially in my speaking. The teachers helped by monitoring my progress day by day. This school is different from others: the classes with just 6 students allow the creation of a very friendly atmosphere, with interesting and stimulating lessons. This atmosphere allows you to take lessons serenely. The location of the school is excellent: in the middle of London and very close to the Underground.
Clara Spain
In my own experience since living abroad, for me this school has been the best. This is for several reasons: the environment (the teachers are really friendly and approachable); the teaching system (where you practise everything, especially speaking); the small groups (maximum 6); and the social events programme. In my case, I did General English in a group as well as one-to-one lessons. In the one-to-one lessons I was able to go more deeply into those aspects which were most important to me, including Business English. For all these reasons, I'd recommend this as a school where you learn a lot while making good friends.
Giulia Switzerland A
My English is so much better because you get more personal attention than in schools with much bigger classes, and you interact much more with the teachers. I’ve had a great experience. The British teachers are really friendly and professional. I’m taking General English Intensive Max-6 now and next I will start my IELTS course. Ciao, il mio nome è Giulia. Puoi contattarmi in italiano per informazioni riguardanti la scuola e qualsiasi altra domanda. Sarei felice di aiutarti e di dirti di più per quanto riguarda la mia esperienza come studente di questa scuola. Ho avuto una fantastica esperienza a One to One English con docenti molto simpatici e competenti tutti provenienti dal Regno Unito. Attualmente sto frequentando il corso “General English Intensive Max-6”. Da quando ho iniziato, il mio inglese e molto migliorato, grazie al fatto che durante le lezioni ho la possibilità di interagire molto con i docenti siccome le classi sono molto più piccole rispetto a delle classi normali. Mi fa piacere condividere questo con te e poterti dire di più. Aspetto tue notizie – per favore clicca qui per scrivere la tua richiesta! In italiano » In English »
Olga Russia
Teachers are always ready to help with pronunciation and accuracy in speaking, and to adapt the programme according to your needs. I recognise that my level is getting better! Everyone has been really helpful.
Marc Spain
I could enhance my pronunciation and speaking a lot. I strongly recommend this school because the method is the best I’ve ever seen. Our teachers are very friendly and all staff are really helpful. The school is located in a central area and is very well-connected. It has been a pleasure to be here, thank you so much!
Cristina Spain
The method is really good because we have the opportunity to practise our speaking and to improve our English. Lessons are really good to achieve your own results. The team is really friendly and helpful. I’ve really improved my English during these months. I would like to thank you for all your help.
Halina Belarus
The teachers are very qualified and professional with a high level of education. During the lesson they really help you improve your accuracy, fluency and pronunciation. The teaching system based on small groups gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts in English. After each lesson it is more easy to speak correct English without mistakes. I am very pleased with my progress, my English has become more fluent and I can express my thoughts better. I use now a lot of new expressions and I've got freedom of speaking. There is no comparison with other schools. It is in the best British educational tradition. It pays attention to every individual. It has fresh, nice, peaceful small rooms where you can concentrate on studying. Staff are friendly and helpful, you can feel yourself like in a good family. This school stimulates you to study English more and to know it better. I'd recommend One to One English to everybody who thinks about their future.
Ji-hae South Korea
I found that One to One English is totally different to other schools. The teaching quality is really high and I've improved a lot since I came to this school. I'm really pleased with my lessons in One to One English. I felt all the teachers really cared for each student, and the course director gives a lot of advice to me.
Patrick Switzerland
Without Skype lessons I wouldn’t have been able to speak English, so it helped me continue the learning process. It’s comfortable being able to sit at home during your lessons. Great for business people as every moment counts!
Giovanni Italy
This is the school where you get the best results in the shortest time. The school offers a high quality of teaching with a friendly approach. The one-to-one method is useful if you want teachers who dedicate their attention to resolving your doubts. You can feel yourself progressing as you go through the lessons.
Emi Poland
The quality of teaching is superb. The teaching staff are friendly and very attentive. I would highly recommend the 1-to-1 lessons as it means going at your own pace.
Yanet Cuba
My progress has been good thanks to the teachers and the course director. I think that the teachers are very professional. I like the One to One lessons because I have the full attention of the teacher. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn English and I enjoy my lessons.
Ivo Bulgaria
The course boosted my English very fast. Now I feel braver and more relaxed when I speak. I love the teaching and the friendliness of the school! I’d absolutely recommend the school to anyone.
Paulo Mozambique
The course is really focused on the needs of each student, and this is really an advantage for students who are interested in specific knowledge. Being in a class with less students helps a lot with the progress of learning and allowed me to build my capacity of speaking in English. The school is well situated – during my stay in London I took my break-times enjoying listening to music and watching street artists in Covent Garden!
David Spain
Just in 6 weeks I’ve acquired confidence, vocabulary and corrected errors. I want to emphasize the importance of the kindness of the teachers. The groups are really small which favours interaction and the topics are varied and interesting.
Victoria Russia A
I am pleased by the improvement of my English in a short time, especially vocabulary and listening skills. Coursebooks have been created on purpose to learn REAL English and improve pronunciation. The notes written by teachers during the lessons and the audio of every dialogue help me revise and remember new phrases more easily. Moreover, working in small groups (max 6 students) was very dynamic and useful for speaking and practising the new content. Also, the individual lessons are very interesting and effective because they allow me to reflect on my language and address my linguistic difficulties. The teachers are friendly and professional and pay attention to everyone’s needs. The personalised approach and welcoming atmosphere make the school exceptional. Могу порекомендовать эту школу всем, кто хочет быстро и системно улучшить свои знания. Обучение проходит в комфортной дружественной обстановке в небольших группах до 6 человек по специально разработанной методике. Опытные преподаватели школы делают все для получения каждым студентом максимального эффекта от обучения. Отдельно хотелось бы отметить уникальные учебные материалы, содержащие реальные диалоги на интересные темы, предназначенные не только для обучения, но и для закрепления пройденного материала и дальнейшего применения на практике. Для меня это был курс на результат и прогресс в короткие сроки. по-русски » In English »
Xia China
I like One to One English. There’s a good quality of teaching and I made a big progress. My teacher was kind. Location is convenient.
Ezgi Turkey
My speaking fluency is obviously improved. I really loved that my teachers were genuinely friendly, so I learned a lot of things about British culture, history and living in the UK, which was precious.
Carmela Italy
I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn English properly in London. Studying English in small groups is the best way to improve English, my English is much better than before. The teachers are all friendly and helpful.
Ela Poland
I would recommend One to One English- and I already have. The classes are more intensive than at other schools I've been to. I've gained confidence in my writing and my range of vocabulary has broadened considerably. The teachers in the school feel responsible for their students and not only teach but also motivate students. Tutorials with the director are very helpful. The school building is beautiful, the interior is lovely. I feel sad to leave the school when my class finishes!
Mina South Korea A
I have had a fabulous experience learning at One to One English. My classes are really enjoyable and I learnt a lot every time. The teachers and lessons are very interesting and different from other schools I tried. 안녕하세요, 저는 Mina 입니다. 원투원 잉글리쉬에 대해 궁금하신 점이나,상담이 필요하시다면 , 저에게 언제든 한국어로 문의주세요! 제가 원투원 잉글리쉬에서 공부하며 가진 많은 경험들을 여러분에게 공유 해 주고 싶어요. 저는 원투원잉글리쉬와 값진 경험을 하였어요. 런던에는 많은 어학원들이 있지만, 제가 원투원잉글리쉬와 함께 하게 되었던 이유는, 영국출신 선생님들에게 프라이빗한 영어 수업을 받을 수 있기 때문이었습니다. 소수 인원으로 진행 되는 수업이었기에, 더 가까이 , 더 많은 배움을 얻을 수 있었어요. 브리티쉬 잉글리시를 배우고자 하시는 모든 한국 분들에게 추천 해 드리고자 하니, 주저 하지 마시고 문의 하여 주세요. 이 곳을 클릭 하세요 한국어로 » In English »
Riccardo Italy
The quality of the teaching staff is very high: they are well-trained and demonstrate a high level of professional commitment. My own progress has been really fast: after only a month I find myself speaking English at a higher level and without many of the mistakes that I was making before taking the course. The school itself is small and this helps create a 'family' atmosphere, with a very welcoming environment throughout the school, from the Reception staff to the teachers and the students. You meet people from countries all over the world who you can also get to know better through the social programme events organised by the school.
Giovanni Italy
Friendly and at the same time professional. Teachers are very resourceful, the teaching quality is high and there is enough structure to learn while having good fun.
Raymond China
In Chinese we have a saying that "it is best to do a lot of useful things in a short time" and One to One English helped me do this. You have plenty of time to communicate and you can ask for and get immediate answers. In university, I find my English sometimes not strong enough. This school has helped me to discuss my subject, and make new friends and get to know my old friends even better. The tuition fees are quite reasonable, the school is clean and comfortable, brilliant for studying in, but the important thing is the teacher-student relationship. You can speak to the course director in a frank and honest way, and if you've got any problem, the reception staff will help you. They're brilliant with their advice to me and genuinely friendly.
Maurizio Italy
I found the speaking system of One to One English very smart and useful as they left me the freedom to speak about whatever I wanted. Lesson by lesson my progress was constant because teachers corrected my mistakes and gave me extra grammar homework when needed. The school is located in Covent Garden in the real heart of London, a very nice area full of shops and restaurants where students can spend their time before and after their English lessons. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve his English level in a short time.
Kinga Poland
I enjoy my classes! I have access to huge amount of materials. Lessons are always on time, teachers are well prepared, the schedule is really flexible. The atmosphere is comfortable and I feel free to ask questions and to speak in English.
Cinzia Italy
Studying in small groups is the best way to improve English because you can take the most of every lesson. I like the atmosphere of this school: everyone at One to One English is friendly and kind. It's like being in a big family!
Maddalena Italy
The teachers are extremely professional and attentive, both from the point of view of teaching and on the 'human' side. In class there were a maximum of just 6 students, so we had plenty of time for individual explanations and corrections, and we were never bored during lessons. The General English coursebook is straightforward, practical and concrete. The school itself is situated in a small building right in the middle of London, 50 metres from Covent Garden Underground station. All the staff are most helpful and always wearing a smile. The atmosphere is very friendly and as professional as any other school I have visited in the past.
Kristie Netherlands
I had 1-to-1 lessons and it’s really personal! Teachers are very friendly and professional. I get lots of really useful written feedback from teachers, which is great because I can review at home. It’s a really friendly atmosphere.
Valeriya Russia A
My course suited me perfectly! Teachers are professional and friendly. The flexible focus on academic writing and spoken English was exactly what I wanted to get from this experience. I’ve noticed my progress. I feel myself more confident and speak much more fluently. The atmosphere is really nice and friendly in the school. I’m going to recommend the school to all my friends and I’m coming back next year! Добрый день, меня зовут Валерия. Я из России, вы можете связаться со мной на русском языке для получения информации о школе и по любым интересующим вас вопросам. Я буду рада вам помочь и рассказать вам больше о моем опыте обучения в школе. У меня был опыт изучения английского языка в One-One English 1 на 1 с преподавателем и мой английский стал намного лучше за короткий период времени. Учителя в One-One English очень дружелюбные и находят подход к каждому ученику. Я хотела бы поделиться своим опытом с вами и рассказать больше о школе. Я с нетерпением жду вашего ответа - нажмите на эту ссылку, чтобы отправить запрос! по-русски » In English »
Francesco Italy
The teaching is very professional, and the organisation is also very good. I enjoy the small groups. The teachers and directors help in my progress. I find the tutorials very useful. The school has a good location and good atmosphere.
Hyun-su South Korea
There is a greater focus on conversation than at other schools and you can learn a lot more useful phrases. All of the teachers helped me to progress. The teachers speak very clearly and are very professional. I'm really satisfied because I can be corrected instantly. The course book is well laid-out and easy to follow. They teach me some very useful ways to study and study skills. The school makes you feel very welcome.
Turgay Turkey
I have been to this school many times. They help me every time. I enjoyed my experience with this school. It is in a great convenient area.
Uzzal Bangladesh
Teaching quality and professionalism is exceptional. I am really progressing my English. The teachers are very friendly and the teaching system is fantastic, I really like studying here. A special thanks to the school Director for all the help I was given.
Nikita Russia
I recommend the school as it helps you to improve enormously in English which allows you to have high scores in exams. Teaching quality and professionalism was superior and my tutor was very friendly. Materials were very beneficial in achieving high scores in IELTS. I concentrated more in a writing part of the IELTS exam and my texts do not have so many mistakes now. Also, the location is very convenient, so you don't need to spend lots of time to reach the school. Thank you!
Carlos Argentina
It was exactly what I needed. The system is very good. I chose this school because the location is the best in London and the atmosphere is like a family, very personalised. I’m very satisfied with the experience that I had. I felt that I improved in several aspects, thanks to the continued help from my teachers.
Elife Turkey
I recommend the school because it has high quality and uses different methods than other schools. I really improved my English and I've gained confidence on my daily conversations. All teachers and office staff are very friendly and helpful.
Vanessa China A
I’m really happy with this school! They have a team of UK professional teachers and insist on keeping classes small to make sure each student has the chance to communicate and get feedback from teachers. This has helped me overcome my shyness to speak in English. 你好, 我叫Vanessa, 我来自中国。 如果你想要知道任何关于学校的信息或有任何问题, 都可以用中文和我联系, 我非常愿意和你分享我在学校的经验。 我在“一对一”英语学校已经学习了一年多的时间, 这里有来自英国的专业老师团队帮助我, 并且这里坚持用小班教学, 确保每位学生在课堂上都可以充分交流并且得到老师的纠正,这样也使得我的英文克服了不敢开口的难题。非常期待你的加入, 如有任何问题, 请点击下面的链接发给我们, 我们会尽快与你取得联系。 用中文(表达 » In English »
Albert Spain
I'd recommend One to One English to anyone who wants to experience a real English environment and who wants to get a good all-round level of English, not just academic skills. In One to One English you'll find really good teachers who make the lessons interesting and who also help you to get to know your classmates better: in this school you are not 'just a number', learning and relationships are all conducted on a personal, individual basis. I think that in such an environment it's impossible not to improve your English!
Alex Switzerland
I would recommend One to One English to everyone. I really enjoyed the courses, it's like meeting a friend rather than going to school! My English is much better than before and this is because of the teachers and directors. The location of the school is great- in the heart of Covent Garden, a beautiful and lively place. This atmosphere is also brought into the school.
Svetlana Russia
The teaching is high quality. All the content of the book is practical and so very useful, and it is very good that teachers correct my mistakes when speaking. You will never forget this school!
Mireia Spain
This is a school that I recommend to all my friends who REALLY want to learn English! It has all the ingredients: accredited by the British Council, qualified staff, small groups, flexible schedules, very pleasant staff, and cultural activities such as pub nights, trips to museums and even events like Wimbledon tennis... The school is in a privileged position in the middle of London, Covent Garden, in a traditional English building convenient for public transport. To be a student at One to One English is such a rewarding experience. The atmosphere that you breathe in this location and at this school is outstanding!
Marina Romania
I strongly recommend this course. They used a unique teaching method to help students memorise & use a lot of phrasal verbs and useful expressions. They were friendly and professional. This course helped me to become more fluent and confident.
Gozde Turkey
They have created their own incredible coursebooks with masses of key useful phrases, pronunciation and grammar. Teachers have a dynamic teaching style which makes the lessons efficient and enjoyable. Moreover, they are always happy to listen to feedback abut he school with a pro-active approach, So, I strongly believe that the lessons will meet your expectations! And the school is located in Covent Garden which s one of the most iconic places in London.
Nicoleta Russia
More than 4 months at this school so far and only positive interactions with both staff and teachers. The teachers I've had are the best quality in every way. My English has improved considerably.
Federica Italy
I've been to hundreds of schools and this school is certainly the best. The teachers were extremely professional and attentive to my needs and requests. I'd recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn and/or hone their language skills.
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