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Guide for students aged under 18 and their parents

The School has a special responsibility in UK law to take care of students aged under 18. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience while studying at One to One English and staying in London. Please read the following information. Please see our Safeguarding Policy and the following information.Please contact the School if you have any questions.

A parent (mother, father or legal guardian) must give permission for course enrolment, accommodation and travel arrangements, and the School must be satisfied that all arrangements are safe and appropriate.

Students aged 16 and 17 can join our adult General English, IELTS and Cambridge examination Max-6 group courses.

Students aged 9 or over can take 1-to-1 courses at the school, via Skype or at their family home.

Group courses for students aged 16-17

Students aged 16-17 are welcome to apply for the following courses, for which the minimum age is 16. Click the course link for more information on each course: As these are adult courses with most students aged 20-50, and on average 25-35 years old, please note that:
  • Younger learners must feel comfortable working in a class with adults.
  • All students are expected to join in class discussions.
  • Course materials are suitable for all ages from 16+.

1-to-1 courses for students aged 9-17

Students aged 9 or over may also take 1-to-1 (private) courses. Click the course link for more information on each course:

Please contact the School for further information.

Your first day

  • On your first day at school a member of our Welfare Team will welcome you to the school personally. You will have a face-to-face meeting to:
    • Check that you arrived safely and that you are happy with your accommodation.
    • Check that everything is OK with your journey to and from school.
    • Check that you have all the School telephone numbers and telephone numbers of other important people stored on your mobile phone.
    • Make sure that you are familiar with the safety advice and information in our Staying Safe Guide. This Guide will be given to you when you apply for a course.
    • Make sure that you are clear about the school rules.
    • Check that you know who you can talk to at the school if you are worried about anything.
    • Help you with any questions that you have.
  • Every two weeks you will have a meeting with a member of our Welfare Team to make sure that everything is going well and to give you the chance to discuss anything you wish to.

Break times

  • There is a 10-minute or 20-minute break during all our Intensive courses.
  • Students aged under 18 stay in the school building during breaks, in their own Junior Common Room.
  • Snacks and hot and cold drinks can be bought at Reception, or students can bring in their own refreshments.
  • The School does not provide meals. Students have lunch outside the school. We can recommend places to eat locally.

Getting to and from school

  • It is usual to travel to school by public transport, such as by Underground or by bus. We will give you advice on the best way to travel safely to school.
  • You may travel to and from school with a parent or family friend, or you may travel by yourself. The School must agree this with a parent.
  • If you are being collected after classes finish, you must wait at the school Reception until you are met. We make sure that only the right person can collect you, with clear arrangements for what happens if the person meeting you is late.

School rules

  • You will be given a “Student Handbook” with a full set of school rules when you apply for a course. These rules include:
    • Respecting all students and staff.
    • Behaving in a polite, friendly way tolerant of other people's culture, opinions and lifestyles.
    • No bullying or violent behaviour.
    • Attending regularly and punctually. You need to attend all your classes and to come on time.
    • Spending break-times in the school building in the Junior Common Room.
    • Using the internet appropriately - no illegal or offensive websites.
    • No alcohol and no smoking.
    • Conducting yourself sensibly for your own safety and for the safety of others.

School social events and free time

  • There are two social events each month which students aged 16-17 can join with other adult students. Activities usually cost between £10-£25 for tickets, travel or food/drink, and include excursions to places of interest such as museums and galleries, street markets, parks and restaurants. A teacher leads the group and usually between 3-8 students take part – there is always at least one teacher for a group of up to 15 students.
  • Students aged 9–15 may only take part in appropriate activities and only if a parent is present.
  • We focus on course-based studies rather than out-of-school social activities. Usually, a student aged under 18 lives with a parent or family member who will help plan their free time activities. We are happy to give you information and advice on things to see and do in and around London.
  • We have a 24-hour duty of care to our under-18 students and will respond to any concern or problem that students have on or off the school premises. However, the School is not responsible for supervising a student when not on the school premises, except when taking part in a school social event.


  • We want you to enjoy the experience of studying English at the school and living in London. We actively encourage a warm, friendly, safe and supportive study environment for the well-being of all of our students, whatever their age, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability, sexual orientation or marital status. All students and staff must respect each other's individuality.
  • We have a legal duty of care to students under the age of 18: please read our Safeguarding Policy Statement to learn more about this.
  • The School has appointed managers whose job it is to look after students' welfare, especially under 18s. Our Welfare Team consists of:
    • Josh Dalby, School Director (Dedicated Safeguarding Lead)
    • Sandra Kirkpatrick, Director of Studies (Dedicated Safeguarding Person / Welfare Person)
  • You can talk with Sandra Kirkpatrick, our Welfare Person, about any concerns you have; for example about your health or wellbeing, relationships, money, your accommodation or anything that is worrying you.
  • You can also talk with Josh Dalby or Sandra Kirkpatrick about any worry you have, and it is their special job to deal with Child Protection concerns.
  • You will meet a member of the Welfare Team on your first day, and have follow-up meetings every two weeks.

Health and medicines

  • Take out a full medical insurance policy before leaving your country. Emergency treatment may be provided free on the UK National Health Service but you may have to pay for most other treatments and this can be very expensive without medical insurance.
  • When you apply for a course you must tell the School about any medical condition you have, and any medication you need to take or might need to take when you are studying at the school.
  • Bring with you any medication you need, and enough for your whole stay.
  • If you require medication or treatment due to illness or injury, especially in the case of emergencies, the School will follow the advice of a qualified health practitioner (doctor, etc).
  • You will be given information about the nearest NHS walk-in clinic and the nearest hospital for Accident and Emergency. If you need urgent care while you are in the school, a member of the Welfare Team will go with you to the hospital.
  • The School has appointed trained First Aiders to help students if they are sick or injured at the school.


  • We usually expect a student aged under 18 to live in London with a parent.
  • It may be acceptable for you to live with a relative or close family friend, or to live in a homestay (16+) or independently (16+). The School must agree these arrangements with a parent.
  • We will give you safety advice and information on the area around your London home when you apply to the School.

Your journey to the UK

If you are travelling from your country to the UK, the School must agree your travel arrangements with a parent.
  • We normally expect a parent to fly with you.
  • If you plan to travel alone, we will discuss this with a parent. Students aged under 18 travelling alone can have difficulties at the UK Border.
  • Don't book flights which arrive very early in the morning or very late in the evening, especially if you are travelling alone. It is safer and more convenient to arrive during the daytime.
  • We will give you more information and advice about your flight plans when you apply for a course.

Getting from the airport to your London home

There must be a suitable arrangement for your journey from the airport to your London home. The School must agree this with a parent.
  • We normally expect a parent to travel with you to your London home.
  • If you are travelling alone, we expect that a private taxi is booked from the airport to your London home. The School can book this taxi for you. Taxis booked by the School have drivers who have passed suitability checks for working with under-18s. Taxis cost from £75-95 for a single transfer depending on the airport and the area of London where you are staying.
  • Travelling from the airport by public transport (Underground, train or bus) is normally only suitable for students aged under 18 when accompanied by a parent. If suitable, we will advise you on the best route and costs.

Staying safe in London

London is a big city. We want you to enjoy your stay and to travel around safely and confidently. When you apply for a course, we will give you our Staying Safe Guide. This guide has useful advice on living in London generally and about the Covent Garden area in central London where the school is located.

Getting ready for your trip: Some DOs and DON'Ts!

  • DON'T bring unnecessary valuables. You want to enjoy your time in London without worrying about your expensive jewellery, watch etc!
  • DON'T bring too much cash - get money from the bank in the UK when you need it.
  • DO take out full medical and travel insurance.
  • DO bring with you any medicines you might need. Remember to tell the school about this when you apply for your course.
  • DO bring a dictionary or electronic translator.
  • DO bring a cheap, light camera. You will want to take lots of photos and you might find this easier with a simple camera rather than anything heavier, or using your mobile phone.
  • DO bring clothing suitable for all weathers. Be prepared for sunshine and for rain. Don't forget to pack comfortable all-weather walking shoes; a waterproof jacket; a warm jumper. Britain's climate can be quite varied!

Booking your course

  • If you're ready to book a course, please send your booking form. We will contact you shortly.
  • If you'd like more information, please contact the School, we're happy to help.
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